Friday, December 28, 2007

more than just being quietly frustrated

10 years in the workforce... i can't even see the word "retirement" in the horizon.. fucking sad...
wonder why ppl can slave all their lives.... go through all the office politics... withstand fucked up colleagues... just to get their CPF at 62. (by the time i am ready to retire... its probably CPF@70)

i just wanna run away.... as far as i can.... from everyone.... i dun wanna put up with it anymore.. any more resolve and patience will not make me a better person. this is worse than a break up. i think i breached all barriers... gonna implode soon.... imploding now actually...

what is a simple life? having your own space, grow some plants, chill out in the living room, watch sun rise and sun set? before all that... i gotta own my own space... means i have to work for it... like bursting a balloon yah??