Friday, September 08, 2006


I am referring to the musician not anything else...

Been listening to his music for the past few days... then i realised... eh can his music be classified as Chill Out? hmmm.... i dunno man... while i do refer to genres to identify a particular type of music to my liking, i haven't really be able to put a genre on music that i used to listen to... *scratch head* another case of i dunno what i am talking about.

oh well...

i am back to my yoga classes... now its 1 on 1... worse still.. cannot siam the torture at all.. while i am in awe of my teacher's yoga routine/poses/skills, i seriously doubt my abilities to reach that level lor... do simple stuff already can die... wat more the challenging ones... *peng* but my teacher very steady.. she's good stuff man.. anyone interested can always ask me for kangtao lah.. sure can fix something up.

i am depressed.. i can't seem to pinpoint the reason... maybe its because i have been doing too many cathartic conversations with frens.. i know its not due to the recent misadventure with the transport related authority.. its something else.. something inside i can't seem to put a closure on... just what the fuck is it?! argh!