Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Favourite song of the week.

Since I can't post a music file here, you guys might as well go to this site to hear the song. Both Markus Schulz and Tiesto did the remixes for Andain's Beautiful Things but somehow, Tiesto's mix sounds slightly better lah. Enjoy......

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I like to eat.... thats the problem about me!

I remember last time when i was young... i was "hiam jiak" aka picky about food. But after I went to Oz-land, siao liao... I become "simi also jiak" aka everything also eat (literal translation).

But really.. I am not the only one... I know of others who are like me who made the transition from Bamboo to Angsana Tree Trunk. Serious! No BS ok! Next time ask me for pics to prove. I will decide before showing you lah hahahahaha.

Actually come to think of it, also not very accurate to say that i "hiam jiak" when i was young lah. Its just that I used to MIA when seafood was served or just plain avoided all the fish and fishy tasting stuff. I only ate selected vegetables, eggs and meat. A typical meal at home for watashi (me) would be :- Rice, Steamed Egg and Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish in Dark Soya Sauce. This kind of food is like what a friend of mine will describe it as .. "Comfort Food".
Nowadays I don't even get to eat such stuff anymore because my mum is more into one dish meals aka Sesame Chicken Mee Sua, Black Chicken Bee Hoon Soup, Chinese Olive Rice with Chicken. The reason behind the one dish meals are because its easy to prepare and when she finishes, its just in time for her K-Dramas on Ch. 55 (SCV).

And so, when I went to Perth many moons ago, I was introduced to a whole new world of food (literally another world man..).
- I never see so many different types of pasta before (i only saw spaghetti at some cafe in a hotel last time).
- I never knew that fresh cream on top of hot mocha coffee would taste so heavenly (Vienna coffee).
- I forgot how many times I had 4am suppers of Baby Back Ribs in BBQ Sauce and Mint Juleps at Fast Eddys in Fremantle.
- I learnt how to eat Sashimi and eventually many other Jap dishes. (to think i used to snub Jap food)

(Sometimes i wonder i went to perth to study or just to eat myway through?)

Yah but i think at that time.. I was subconsioucly carrying out the "Super Size Me" kind of experiment lor. I could like gobble 14 pieces of pizza at Pizza Hut's buffet dinner.. Really no eye see man... *shudder* And i think i better not try to remember what other astounding gastronomical feats I attempted there.... its getting quite off already..

And so the actual purpose of this post is to inform my friends that if you are looking for food kangtao, please come and ask me. Especially those who are real clueless about directions can check with me where the place is located before wasting petrol going round and round the estate just to find like one wanton mee stall! can peng lor! OR if you are wondering whether the estate which you stumbled upon has nice food, can sms me lah. I reply you or not is one thing. The fact is that I know whether got nice food anot k...

In case you say I am all talk and no Kangtao. I recommend you all lah.

KT : Jap place @ Purvis St. Got reasonable buffet and reasonable FF (free flow) add-ons.
Expert Rating : SURE WIN!
Cautionary : Got rumours that this KT might end soon. better hurry!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do you remember Nelly Furtado??

Gone are the days of "I'm like a bird" and "Get ur' freak on!"

Check out what she looks like now man... and remember to wipe the blood off your LCD yah?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not-Closeted Beng Dog

"What you looking at? Never see dog before issit?!"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First Leap (official)

Ok.. the url of the blog probably won't come as a surprise to those who know me... I IS A CLOSET BENG. I even name my car "Beng Beng"!! Hahahahaha

Lets see.... I had a few friends who were curious to know if i had a blog and whether they could read it. Well, I did have one last year but after like 4 to 5 mths, i just abandoned it... And i put the blame on late night outings, lack of free wifi resources, and basically nothing that happening which i should scribble about.

So now, I have decided to get a new blog up and running. But a word of caution >>

1. Its not gonna be happening (I do not have a happening lifestyle apart from HH and occasional lancing at Happy/MOS. Nor do i engage in fights/scruffles outside pubs/clubs.

2. I will tell you what i want you to know because I am not accountable to you.

3. If you don't like what i say about some things, keep your opinions to yourself.

4. I am a closet beng but that doesn't mean that I will not be nice to you.
The EQUATION is very simple. You nice = I nice. You kuai lan = I lan lan.

5. I will attempt to post unflattering pictures of myself and my associates (Friends). If you want to extract the pic for whatever reasons (which i am not interested in), please let me know.

6. Please do not suggest alternative monikers to me eg. Closet BuBu or Closet Guniang. I am not into labels. And my previous relationships do not give any suggestions of what role i play.

So if you can adhere to my cautionary statements (See above), then its not a problem for you to read my blog. If you can't, then F*** OFF!